Multimeter Calibration.

While-you-wait local calibration service or standard 5 day guaranteed turnaround.

Multimeter Calibration Service:

Keeping your multimeter calibrated and accurate on your schedule.

When you drop off or send your multimeter to us, you can trust it’s in safe hands. Our technicians working in our state-of-the-art calibration lab are highly trained in quick and precise calibration of multimeters that local commercial electricians use.


Our investment in quicker and better multimeter calibrations is for you. We know that for any type of electrician your multimeter is an absolutely necessary piece of equipment. From installing a light switch to changing a junction box, using a multimeter helps determine if wires are hot or not and checks on the condition of electrical equipment. Your multimeter provides several important tests and it’s vital that the tester delivers accurate results.

This is why we offer multimeter calibration of various types of digital multimeter and analogue multimeter. We can calibrate your multimeter to standard or UKAS accredited standards to ensure traceability and provide you with the highest-confidence in the results of your multimeter calibration.

Book your calibration online now:

Quantity discounts when you send 10 or more items.

Quantity discounts available when booking in 10 or more electrical items for calibration.


Further Discounts.

If you don’t require a 5 day turnaround for your electrical items, you can qualify for further discounts depending on how long you can wait for your items to be calibrated.

    We calibrate multimeters 4x faster.

    At our Calibration Select laboratory in Birmingham we recently invested in Fluke’s new 5322A electrical tester calibrator.

    This innovative piece of testing equipment has made the multimeter calibration process four times faster, meaning we can complete a range of multimeter calibrations in as little as 15 minutes!

    About Multimeter Calibration:

    It couldn’t be easier or quicker to get your equipment calibrated at our lab. Simply book in online, drop off your multimeter for a while-you-wait calibration, or have it collected and returned back to you within 5 days. We’ll make sure downtime is kept to a minimum and you’re not without your multimeter for long. If it requires a repair, we’ll let you know before we start any work and discuss repair or replacement options we have available.

    We also can accommodate large inventories of multimeters and other electrical testing equipment for calibration, ideal for teams of commercial electricians. Our fast and precise service means we can have your team back to work four times faster than most of our competitors.

    We’ve got the power!

    Your most asked electrical calibration questions, answered! Read the blog post by our expert technicians.


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    We can calibrate much more than the items we’ve listed above, including pressure, temperature, torque, weight and mass equipment, so please drop us a message with your requirements and we’ll provide you with a quick, no-obligation quote.


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