National Collection & Delivery.

We want to make it as simple as possible to get your testing tools and equipment calibrated, which is why we offer several ways to get them to our lab in Birmingham, including our hassle-free technician collection.


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Whether you’re using our technician collection service or sending us your items via courier, it’s important they are packed correctly. Please read and follow our packing instructions as Avery Weigh-Tronix can not be held responsible for items damaged in transit.


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What makes us different?

We simply collect, calibrate and return within the 5 day turnaround. That’s it; simply better service.

Unlike others, we’re clear on how long your order will take and when you’ll get your items back.


Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

Day 1

Our technician collects your items for calibration.

Day 2-3

Items arrive at our lab and we unpack, book in, calibrate, and re-pack.

Day 4-5

Our technician returns your items to you, professionally calibrated and ready to use.

There are 4 ways you can get your electrical items to us for calibration:
Collection & Return

For hassle-free calibrations, we recommend you use our collect and return service for 8 or more items, carried out by one of our local technicians.

Customer Shipping.

Make a saving per item by sending your torque equipment to our Calibration Laboratory via your own preferred delivery method and we’ll return the items by courier.

Local drop-off .

Drop-off and collect your torque equipment in person at our Calibration Laboratory in Birmingham. Optional same-day fast track turnaround available**, subject to availability.

On-site Calibration.

Our mobile calibration lab and on site technicians can be booked to visit your premises and calibrate your temperature, pressure and electrical instruments.

*Minimum of 8 items per box. **For fast tracked calibrations, drop-off and collect your equipment in person from our Calibration Laboratory in Birmingham, to receive a same-day turnaround.

Book your calibration online now:

Quantity discounts when you send 10 or more items.

Quantity discounts available when booking in 10 or more electrical items for calibration.


Further Discounts.

If you don’t require a 5 day turnaround for your electrical items, you can qualify for further discounts depending on how long you can wait for your items to be calibrated.

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    Single-source Calibration?

    We’re well known for calibrating industrial scales, but did you know we can calibrate many metrology instruments and devices too? Please drop us a message and we’ll get back to you to discuss your calibration requirements.


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