Torque Calibration.

Guaranteed in 5 working days or less – simply better service

Laboratory Torque calibrations:

Keeping your torque instruments calibrated and accurate on your schedule.

Benefits of having your equipment calibrated at our laboratory:

  • International standard calibrations

    We can offer ISO 6789:2003 (withdrawn) and new ISO 6789:2017 standard calibrations

  • Calibration certificate supplied

    We’ll supply a torque wrench calibration certificate pdf with all ISO 6789:2017 calibrations

  • Items returned to you in 5 days

    Our 5 day lead time is inclusive of collection and return, minimising disruption to your business while maximising uptime

  • Send more, save more

    We’re able to offer significant discounts on bulk calibrations of 10 items or more

On-site Torque calibrations:

Ideal for when your items can’t leave site or too bulky to send to us

Benefits of having your torque equipment calibrated at your premises:

  • International standard calibrations

    We offer ISO 6789:2003 (withdrawn) and new ISO 6789:2017 standard calibrations

  • Calibration certificate supplied

    We’ll supply a torque wrench calibration certificate pdf with all ISO 6789:2017 calibrations

  • Same day calibrations

    With our fully kitted out mobile team of technicians, we calibrate assets quickly, just metres from where they’re used

Book your calibration online now:

Quantity discounts when you send 10 or more items.

Quantity discounts available when booking in 10 or more electrical items for calibration.


Further Discounts.

If you don’t require a 5 day turnaround for your electrical items, you can qualify for further discounts depending on how long you can wait for your items to be calibrated.

    A true 5 day Torque tool calibration service.

    Minimise disruption and maximise uptime.


    We’re proud to offer a true 5 day turn around on all our calibrations:

    • We’ll collect on day 1
    • Then calibrate within 2 days
    • Return them to you within 2 days

    But that’s not all the value you’ll get from using Calibration Select!

    Using our new state-of-the-art torque calibration equipment, we’re able to calibrate all brands of torque wrench up to 2500 Nm, including Teng and Norbar torque wrenches, keeping you accurate and reliable. We also calibrate torque screwdrivers based on ISO 6789-2003.

    Our lab technicians are fully trained to calibrate torque wrenches, traceable to national standards ISO 6789:2003 (withdrawn, although we still offer this) and the latest ISO 6789:2017 standard, supplied with a calibration certificate PDF.

    If you’re unsure, we have written about the differences between the standards, otherwise we’re just a quick form fill or phone call away.

    There are 4 ways you can get your items to us for calibration:
    Collection & Return

    For hassle-free calibrations, we recommend you use our collect and return service for 8 or more items, carried out by one of our local technicians.

    Customer Shipping.

    Make a saving per item by sending your torque equipment to our Calibration Laboratory via your own preferred delivery method and we’ll return the items by courier.

    Local Drop-off.

    Drop-off and collect your torque equipment in person at our Calibration Laboratory in Birmingham. Optional same-day fast track turnaround available**, subject to availability.

    On-Site Calibration.

    Our mobile team of technicians can be booked to visit your premises and calibrate your torque, temperature, pressure and electrical instruments.

    *Minimum of 8 items per box. **For fast tracked calibrations, drop-off and collect your equipment in person from our Calibration Laboratory in Birmingham, to receive a same-day turnaround.

    Torque calibration service FAQ.

    The answers to questions we get asked most frequently.

    With all successful ISO 6789:2017 calibrations, we will supply a torque wrench calibration certificate pdf, giving you confidence the tool is reading with the specified accuracy and is fit for purpose. The calibration certificate can then be used to demonstrate to an auditor that the torque tool has been calibrated to the required standards.

    If you use torque tools you’ll know that over time, general usage alongside wear and tear can have a negative impact on the tool’s performance. This leads to the tool delivering more or less torque than intended to. As a result, fasteners may end up too loose, allowing them to adjust under stress. If they are too tight, you’ll find it causes them to deform, shear, or otherwise break.

    During the lifespan of a torque wrench, it is bound to fall out of calibration. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your tool. A simple re-calibration will return it to delivering an accurate performance.

    But businesses are often faced with a Goldilocks and the Three Bears scenario when wondering how often their torque wrenches need to be calibrated. Too often and you’ll be wasting money and causing disruption to processes. Not often enough and you could be producing faulty or defective products without realising, which you may be liable for if that product fails within the field.


    So, what’s the ‘just right’ amount of torque wrench calibrations?

    In short, it’s standard practice to calibrate your torque wrench every 5,000 cycles or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

    But before you breathe a sigh of relief and put calibrations to the back of your mind, there are a number of factors that could affect the accuracy of torque tools and could increase your need for more regular calibrations.

    Is the torque tool is dropped or banged constantly? Are you using the tool in unusually hot, cold, humid or wet conditions? Is the torque wrench ever subjected to an overload equal or more than 25% of the maximum? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to calibrate more often than every 5,000 cycles.

    Likewise, torque wrenches which show visible signs of general wear and tear, such as old grease, worn parts, or loose screws, should be pulled from service and inspected.

    These tips can be used as a guideline, but your operation’s specific calibration intervals will depend on a few factors:

    • The precision you need
    • The exact tools you’re using
    • The fasteners you’re working with
    • The criticality of your operation
    • The legal requirements which govern your industry (potentially)

    The recent change to the ISO standards relating to the calibration of torque tools may also impact the type and frequency of torque tool calibrations your business requires.


    Torque calibrations made simple

    Luckily, torque calibrations don’t need to be laborious or time-consuming. The simplest way to manage torque calibrations is to send tools to a certified laboratory for testing and re-calibration (if necessary). This avoids the need for businesses to invest in and maintain testing and calibration equipment, or dedicate internal resource to testing, calibrating and documenting the process.

    Our torque wrench calibration service costs are down to you! The more items you send to us for calibration, the less you pay per item.

    We provide an excellent service and we’re competitively priced. We recommend you request a quote using the form at the top of this page.

    You can send your torque wrenches for calibration in to our Calibration Laboratory in Birmingham. You can have one of our technicians personally collect them from you, or you can use your preferred courier service. We offer calibrations on both indicating torque tools and setting torque tools.

    The calibration of torque equipment is carried out under the environmental conditions defined by ISO 6789:2003 (withdrawn), ISO 6789-1:2017 and ISO 6789-2:2017, by our team of highly trained calibration technicians. We use state-of-the-art test equipment, which itself is calibrated to ISO standards by a specialist 3rd party.

    On successful calibration of your torque wrenches, we issue pdf calibration certificates, with paper versions available on request. We also offer a replacement service if your torque wrench can’t be re-calibrated successfully.

    Please note: We advise you beware of DIY calibration using some methods found online. Some ask you to secure the square drive in a vice and then by measuring the distance to the handle, calculate an appropriate setting. To calibrate in this way, the vice needs to be overly tight to hold the square drive and will easily damage the head of the wrench.

    All threaded fasteners like nuts and bolts have appropriate torque values designed by their manufacturer. It’s important to calibrate your torque wrench properly to make sure the fastener has the exact tension it needs to function safely.

    Torque wrenches are precision instruments often used where the tension of a nut or bolt is crucial. Over time with use, especially in industrial environments or due to being mishandled, a torque wrench can become unreliable. An under torqued bolt will deform and not provide as much clamping force needed. An over torqued bolt will break.

    It’s essential for you to have your torque wrench calibrated. Not just to maintain accuracy and longevity, but to avoid incorrect and unreliable torque measurements.

    Our quick calibration turnaround times mean you’ll experience minimum disruption and maximum uptime.

    Types Of Torque Tool:

    We offer torque tool calibration on the following (including beam, click, dial, digital and industrial):

    Calibration To ISO 6789-2003 (Withdrawn, But Still Available)
    • Torque screwdrivers (calibration based on ISO 6789-2003)
    • Torque wrenches (up to 2500 Nm)
    • Beam torque wrench
    • Click torque wrench
    • Dial torque wrench
    • Digital torque wrench
    • Industrial torque wrenches
    Calibrations to ISO 6789:2017 (Part 1 and 2)
    • Torque wrenches (up to 2500 Nm)
    • Beam torque wrench
    • Click torque wrench
    • Dial torque wrench
    • Digital torque wrench
    • Industrial torque wrenches
    We Calibrate Most Brands:

    Norbar torque wrench calibration

    Teng Tools torque wrench calibration

    Snap-on torque wrench calibration

    Britool torque wrench calibration

    Replacement service:

    If your torque tool cannot be calibrated or is uneconomical to repair, we will contact you straight away and offer a branded like-for-like replacement. We will supply the replacement torque tool calibrated to your original order requirements.

    Related Article: ISO 6789:2003 (withdrawn) vs 6789:2017.

    Understanding ISO; what’s the difference between ISO 6789:2003 (withdrawn) vs 6789:2017 and how it affects your calibration certificate.


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