Pipette Calibration.

Guaranteed in 5 working days or less – simply better service

Laboratory Pipette Calibrations:

Keeping your pipettes calibrated for accurate and reproducible pipette results.

With regular service and pipette calibration, you can help significantly reduce the risks and liabilities that come with out-of-calibration pipettes.

The CSLI recommends that your pipettes be calibrated regularly, but can your current supplier keep to this calibration schedule?

By choosing Calibration Select to calibrate your pipettes, our expert technicians will use state-of-the-art precision calibration equipment, guaranteeing you’ll have your pipettes returned & calibrated within 5 working days.

Each calibrated pipette will be supplied with a calibration certificate PDF.


How Often Should Pipettes Be Calibrated?

According to the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), you should calibrate your pipettes every 3-6 months or before they’re put into service. If you fail to do so, then pipette readings may become inaccurate and unreliable.


Why Do You Calibrate A Pipette?

Like most pieces of equipment that require calibrating, the reason we calibrate pipettes is to ensure accuracy and reliability in pipette measurements. If a pipette is inaccurate then this can result in poor performance and results.

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Quantity discounts when you send 10 or more items.

Quantity discounts available when booking in 10 or more electrical items for calibration.


Further Discounts.

If you don’t require a 5 day turnaround for your electrical items, you can qualify for further discounts depending on how long you can wait for your items to be calibrated.