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Simplify your calibration process by working with one, trusted supplier

Reduce costs and administrative time.
Guaranteed 5 working day turnaround.
Keeping you compliant for audit.
UKAS and ISO accredited calibrations.

Streamline your metrology equipment calibrations:

We understand how vital it is to keep your equipment calibrated for audit and compliance purposes. But using multiple suppliers to calibrate hundreds of items a year can be a hugely time-consuming process.

Calibration Select offers a streamlined approach to calibrations. We calibrate a full range weighing and metrology equipment (including electrical, dimensional, force, pressure, temperature and torque equipment), both on and off-site, minimising the number of suppliers involved in your calibration process, and saving you time.

Keeping you compliant, all year round.

Our exclusive software, the Calibration Hub, stores your asset data and calibration history details, making it easier and quicker to keep on top of administration.

Calibration certificates are available just four hours after your calibration takes place, and we’ll send you automated reminders when your items are due for recalibration, meaning you’ll never miss a calibration again.

How satisfied are you with your current metrology equipment calibration supplier?

Choosing a calibration partner can be a minefield, with many calibration providers all seemingly offering a similar service.

Whether you’re happy with your current calibration provider or you know there’s room for improvement, here’s our recommendations for what to look for (and what to avoid).

How long can you afford to have your equipment out of process for a calibration? To ensure the timescales promised are actually met, make sure your calibration provider clearly states a turnaround time, and if in doubt, read the small print of your contract to find out when the turnaround time starts.

Find out if your supplier has the correct accreditations to provide the level of calibration you need. As a minimum, they should provide fully traceable calibration certificates backed by internationally recognised quality management processes including ISO17025 which is required to provide UKAS accreditation.

Think about the dates and times that suit you best and find out if your supplier is able to meet these requirements.

How does your supplier keep you informed on the status of your items while they’ve been sent for calibration? Some suppliers will use an asset management system which provides full transparency on the items’ calibration status – from when they arrive at the lab, to when they are calibrated and ready to return to your site.

Even if your business isn’t located in a remote area, it makes sense to find out where your nearest calibration engineer and calibration lab is located.

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