Calibrated torque wrench in use

The differences between ISO 6789:2003 (withdrawn) and ISO 6789:2017

ISO defines the standards that torque tool calibrations must follow. In 2017, the 2003 standard (ISO 6789:2003) was withdrawn and replaced with the 2017 standard (ISO 6789:2017).

Although the 2003 standard is now classified as ‘withdrawn’, it is still requested by torque tool users and remains widely used by calibration laboratories.

Read on for an explanation of the difference between the standards and how it will affect the type of torque tool calibration your business will need.

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Calibration laboratory

Over time and through constant use, the accuracy of metrology equipment can start to drift and lead to measurement errors. To avoid this, it’s important to have your equipment calibrated regularly.

But organising calibrations can be a hassle, especially if your processes use multiple pieces of equipment, or downing tools leads to production delays.

Save yourself the headache by reading our top tips on how to manage and optimise your metrology equipment calibration process.

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