How often should I calibrate my electrical testing equipment?


The accuracy of electrical testing equipment can drop over time. To avoid safety issues or process failures, it is critical to ensure that any electrical testing equipment used within your business is regularly calibrated.

There are no official British standards which state the frequency of electrical equipment calibrations. So unfortunately, there is no short answer to the question.

Every instrument will have a different calibration frequency requirement that comes recommended by the manufacturer. Combine that information with industry best practice which advises leaving no more than 12 months in between calibrations and you’ve got a good starting point.

However, there are also other scenarios where more frequent calibrations could be required:

  • Before starting and after finishing a major critical measuring project

If you’re planning a project that requires extremely accurate measurements, send the instruments you are planning to use for calibration then keep them in storage until the testing begins.

Likewise, after the project is completed, send the equipment used for calibration. When you get the results back you can use them to confirm the accuracy of the testing results for that project.

  • After an incident

If the instrument receives knocks, bumps or any other kind of physical impact, or the interval overload is knocked out then you may want to consider sending it for recalibration to ensure its accuracy. The chances of this happening will be more likely in certain industries such as construction, field service and facilities maintenance.

  • Based on individual project requirements

You can guarantee every project requiring electrical testing will differ in size and scope, and therefore have different requirements for calibration. Some will require the use of certified and calibrated test equipment, while others won’t have as stringent calibration standards. Review the spec before the test as the requirements might not be explicitly stated. 

  • At quarterly or semi-annual periods

If you carry out critical measurements then leaving a shorter time span between measurements means there will be less chance of questionable test results, or the electrical test meter drifting from calibration. Be prepared by diarising the calibration frequency or booking calibrations in advance.   

  • Internal requirements

Often business insurance may require you to have a valid calibration certificate and awarding organisation. Or check your organisation’s quality manual which might stipulate the desired frequency of calibrations.

Choosing a supplier with affordable prices and quick turnaround times makes regular calibrations a possibility. Find out more about our 5-day turnaround on electrical equipment calibrations.