Why is calibration critical for the defence industry?


You’ve no doubt heard the saying, ‘with military precision’…

The defence industry is a hugely challenging, complex and demanding sector – and today technological advancement means it’s never been more important to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the high-grade technology that the industry depends on.

Armed forces personnel rely on the effectiveness and safety of complex equipment and machines produced by defence contractors, making precision absolutely critical in this field. Defence manufacturers in turn require specialised measuring equipment to develop safe, accurate and precise solutions and ensure they meet the highest of industry standards. Here, calibration is their strongest ally.

So, what exactly do metrology equipment calibrations achieve – and why are they critical in the defence industry?

The need for precision

Contractors to the defence industry are under enormous pressure to deliver on time and on budget – and ensure that what they manufacture will remain fit for purpose throughout the entire intended lifetime.

With so much on the line, it is extremely essential for all the sensitive measuring equipment and high-performance technology that the defence industry relies on to perform with 100% accuracy.

The importance of calibration

This is why calibration is so hugely critical. At every step of the supply chain, parts and components will be contributing towards safeguarding the irreplaceable lives of millions of people. A lot of responsibility rests on testing labs and calibration service providers.

Only by regularly calibrating metrology equipment can you ensure that its measurements can be relied on to produce the complex components that safety-critical industries such as defence, aerospace and automotive depend on.

Calibration Select – At your service …

Calibration Select provides a comprehensive range of metrology calibration services to the defence industry, including a range of equipment in the electrical, dimensional, and temperature disciplines.

We can provide expert calibrations on-site as well as at our calibration labs, which are accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Contact us to learn more about our specialist calibration services for defence. We’d love to hear from you!